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Where Are You Winter?

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is January because of the fact that New York’s weather has been unusually warm, so unusual that it has broken records. New York isn’t alone in this, according to weather.com, 2,475 record daily highs were tied or broken across the U.S. during the first 16 days of December. Last December was warmer than usual as well, but this December takes the cake. While many people are wishing the weather would remain this way for the rest of the season, it’s not necessarily something that should be wished for. Yes, it’s true that sometimes the cold weather could be unbearable, but it’s natural for it to be cold in the winter, especially in New York.

Not only is it negative for our planet, it’s negative for businesses. News outlets that are covering the weather changes are writing articles regarding this. I just came across an article from Fox 8 Cleveland. They reported about suffering ski resorts and suffering ski and snowboard shops. Winter sports are definitely not as popular this year, how could they be? Here in New York, shops selling hats, coats, boots, gloves, and more are feeling it too. According to StarTribune, they just aren’t needed as much this year.


I’m sure many also agree that it didn’t quite feel like Christmas this year either. People were even seen wearing shorts in New York. NBC 4 New York reported about this specifically. The attention the weather is receiving is making it clear that this is a topic that needs to be addressed. It’s interesting how much of a topic of conversation it’s becoming. Here’s a video from BBC News.

I plan on doing some more of my own research about this topic. I know there are plenty of books and articles out there. If you have any questions or comments about this topic, please feel free to contact me and spark up a conversation. In the meantime, don’t forget to check back on the last blog post, it’s still important for your building or home to be winter ready!

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Welcome everyone to our first post. It seems appropriate that since the New York weather is already starting to turn to fall that we talk about winterizing your HVAC system as preventative maintenance. We called on our friends from Glendale-based BP Group to dole out some end-of-summer advice.



HVAC Winterize

Don’t be caught by surprise this winter. Get your HVAC systems winterized!

Not everyone wants to think about summer coming to a close, but there is something that every HVAC system owner should begin to think about, winterizing. The BP Group wants to remind you of the importance of HVAC maintenance. HVAC systems need to be maintained and serviced. We strongly encourage those who own HVAC systems to make sure they are aware of what needs to be done when the seasons change. The BP Group is always available for assistance if needed, especially if you haven’t had any recent HVAC check ups. Our experienced technicians will help you get the job done in the correct way.

So, how does this process of winterizing work? It’s a way to make sure the HVAC system will continue to work properly after the coldest of winter days. The extreme change in weather can take a toll on the system, and winterizing will ensure a peace of mind that the HVAC system will not be damaged. If you make the choice to call a BP Group technician, they will take all the necessary steps to prepare the system for the winter.

Tasks such as cleaning out the HVAC drain, applying a tight cover, cleaning debris from the outdoor unit, making sure there is enough heating to keep the sprinklers from freezing, and a maintenance check up on the furnace are some of the many things that need to be considered for full preparation.

Failing to make winterizing a priority can result in frozen pipes, the sprinkler system freezing, the air conditioning releasing hot air when it is turned back on for the spring, moisture build up due to the wrong amount of cross ventilation, among other difficulties. Maintaining your HVAC system can prevent all of these from occurring.

Not only will winterizing protect the HVAC system, it will save money, time and frustration. Don’t hesitate to call the BP Group to schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable and skilled technician. Have your HVAC system winterized the right way and there will be no need to worry!